Working At Vivint Just Got Better

Vivint just announced that we are making changes to how we train and support field service professionals. Installing technology in customers homes means taking extra care and these changes are going to improve the training process and provide ongoing support for employees. This will make working at Vivint a better experience for all our field service professionals and improve the quality of service we provide our customers.

High Tech Training

How It Used To Be

Vivint used to send all of the field service professionals to the Provo, UT training center at the company’s headquarters. However, with the company’s growth into all areas of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the logistics of this training procedure simply didn’t make sense any more. Vice President of Field Service, Chris Gera, confirmed that sending new hires to the training center in Utah is not very convenient.

New Training Technology for New Hires

New hires will now be receiving an iPhone and iPad Mini on their first day of training. On these devices will contain an interactive app that displays new employee training curriculum. The app will include training videos, audit requirements, and assessments. It will also provide a database of information on Vivint products for employees to reference easily when working with customers.

These gadgets will allow Vivint employees to watch “how-to” video instructions and access trouble shooting assistance if they get stuck. Supporting

Vivint’s Focus on Customer Service

When it comes to new employee training, technology is good, but role playing is even better. Vivint has three regional training centers that all new hires go to for extensive training including role playing and hands-on practice installing smart home devices. The role play that all new hires go through allow them to practice real-world customer situations that will better help them provide quality customer service. Excellent customer service is one of the ways that Vivint sets itself apart in the home security and smart home industry.

No More No-Shows for Home Security Installations

Switching to digital tools like iPhones allows Vivint’s field service professionals access to better ways to communicate to customers and their managers. The app will allow them to use automated scheduling, watch additional training videos, and watch live webcast while they are out in the field. This will allow our professional installers to smoothly overcome installation challenges that might have caused delays in their schedule before.

Vivint’s commitment to customer service and innovation is clear. As leaders in the home security and smart home industry, supporting our employees will lead to even stronger customer satisfaction rates.