What to do if your package was stolen?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare thinking your package was stolen. Just imagine you ordered that brand new shinny item online. You wait, watch and countdown the days before your expected delivery date. Today is the day, you rush home from work just to find your package isn’t there; your heart broken. You received a confirmation email stating your package was delivered but still no luck finding the package. That when it starts to sink in, your package was stolen. package was stolen vivint

Well this scenario happens more times than you think. So your next thought is what do you do next? What to do if your package was stolen? Here is a quick guide that can help you out.

Double check and do a quick search first 

This may be a simple first step but it’s one that many people over look. If you suspect your package is stolen, do a quick double check just to make sure your package isn’t hiding in plain sight. It isn’t uncommon for a package to be left at a back door, garage or on a porch if no one is home to take delivery.

Ask your neighbors if they seen anything, check all around the perimeter of your home to insure that the package is not somewhere close by. It is also a good idea to double check to see if your package was in fact delivered to the correct address and that it states it was delivered at the correct time. Sometimes you may receive a conformation email stating your package was delivered when in fact your package is still out for delivery.

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Filing a Claim with the Carrier 

The second thing to do is to file a claim. Depending on the shipper and the seller there are different options available. For Amazon they are fairly really good when it comes down to customer services. In most cases you can file a claim if your package is stolen. To file a claim, go into the section on their website where you can track your package. Just click the “can’t find my package” link. Amazon will guide you through the process.

Amazon makes it easy to file a claim and get refunded or reimbursed if something goes wrong in the process. Amazon will in most cases require a signature if they resend your package out for the 2nd time.

For services like eBay when you buy a item off of a individual seller, the seller is only responsible for shipping the item. Once that package is “delivered” to your door the seller is no longer responsible. If you file a claim through eBay they will check to see if your package was delivered. In this case eBay will contact the seller for you but the seller is not responsible if your package is stolen. If the seller will not intervene with the process you should take it up with the shipper.

If you shipper your package via UPS you must first report the lost package. In this case UPS will try and find the package and open up an investigation this usually takes a few days. If they can not find your package by then they will either issue out a refund depending on your package and the value of the contents or they will contact the shipper to see if they will intervene if possible.

For USPS (The Post Office) you will need your tracking number or label to file a claim. Enter in your shipping information and the shipping date of the item on the USPS filing a claim page on their website. You will also need a proof of value, either a receipt or bill of sale in PDF format. Once your file has been claimed USPS will determine what is the next steps to be taken. They will either refund, give practical amount back or contact the seller. You can appeal a claim if they deny you. In this case you will need to add more information to support your claim that in fact your package was stolen.

With FedEx the process is very similar. You have to log on to their website and fill out a claim. They will direct you throughout the process, in most cases they will try to work with you to either get in contact with the sender to try and get a refund or reimbursement or they will reimburse your money for you.

The main thing is to stay right on top of it. If your suspect your package is stolen there are steps you can take to get refunded and or have the items replaced. With the Vivint Doorbell camera you can help prevent your packages being stolen by being able to answer the door from anywhere. All the while you can keep an eye out on your front door.

If you need help filing a claim you can reach the support teams here for FedEx, USPS and UPS.

What’s your experience with Amazon or eBay customer service? Have you ever thought your package was stolen?  Let us know in the comments.