Vivint doorbell camera features and benefits

Vivint Doorbell Camera: An All-In-One Two-Way Talk Doorbell Camera

Nothing can give you peace of mind like knowing what goes on around your home while you’re away. Better yet, being able to answer your front door even when you’re not home can help scare off potential intruders that present themselves as salesmen or delivery drivers. Maybe there’s even been an increase in package thefts in your neighborhood and you want to make sure you can identify the thief if he takes one of yours. A two-way talk doorbell camera, like the Vivint Doorbell Camera, gives you greater control over who comes by your home while you’re away.

In 2015, Vivint released a brand new piece of equipment for their customers to add to their security systems. The Vivint Doorbell Camera has several features and benefits that make it the best in all-in-one doorbell camera in the industry and why it won Gold for Most Innovative Consumer Product of the Year in the Best in Biz Awards 2015.

It is worth mentioning that despite its vast features and functions, the Vivint Doorbell Camera is much smaller than its competitors at 4.45-in tall by 1.5-in wide. It also remains comparable in price to its competitors.

Vivint Doorbell Camera features

Features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera

There is no other doorbell camera quite like this one. Other types of doorbell cameras only contain some of it’s features and come in larger sizes or higher prices than Vivint’s.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera:

  • has 180° visibility
  • has night vision
  • has a small size – 4.5-in x 1.5-in
  • is motion activated
  • is energy efficient
  • sends mobile alerts
  • is wireless & Wi-Fi enabled
  • has two-way talk capability from your smartphone or VivintSky control panel

Day or night, this doorbell camera captures and records footage of what goes on in front of your home so can rest peacefully knowing who’s come by recently.


We are always on the go these days. Many people travel for work, but even those who work from home often run errands. This leaves your home vulnerable to unexpected guests. With the Vivint Doorbell Camera, you’ll receive notifications when someone walks by your home. Whether it’s kids coming home from school or a delivery man leaving a package, it’s nice to know about the activity that goes on around your home.

To save energy, the camera does not record video 24/7. Instead, it is motion sensitive and only begins recording when it senses activity within 25-feet of your front door with its 180° view. You can then watch the recording on the Vivint Sky panel or your smartphone through the Vivint app. It comes in the perfect size – the size of a typical doorbell – and looks very minimalistic and sleek which makes in unintrusive and pleasing to the eye.

Like everything else that comes with a Vivint system, this two-way doorbell camera is wireless so there are no wires that a tempted criminal might try to cut to deactivate it.

Leading The Way In Home Security

Vivint is a leader in the home security and automation industry. The Vivint Doorbell Camera was chosen for the 2015 Internet of Things Evolution Connected Home and Building award along with 12 other tech products. Vivint continues to be a leader in the home security and automation industry and has many new products entering the market in 2016!

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