Top Videos Caught By Vivint’s Doorbell Camera

The Vivint doorbell camera is an amazing high quality camera system that gives you the ability to not only see with night vision, hear and monitor activity at your door but you can also speak to visitors directly. With that in mind of course some amazing things will be caught on Vivint security camera. We composed a list of some of our favorite things.


Meteor in the morning 

Thanks to Youtuber : Kevin Dewey
A Meteor was caught on camera in Arizona. In this video you can clearly see how far and how clear the vivint doorbell camera can see as it picks up the high intensity light early that morning.



In this clip we see Firefighters dramatically race to save a house in Fort McMurray that has caught on fire. The home owner Ken Bell watch the feed live from a save location as firefighter work to douse the flames in a hot spot on the porch. This just goes to show to ability of the doorbell camera everything was caught on Vivint security camera system.



In this clip 2 gentlemen are trying to enter a home through the front door. Everything is caught on camera through the Vivint doorbell camera. The police were notified as the homeowner watched from their phone in the safety of their home all while being able to get a positive ID of the intruders. This just goes to show the value of a security camera system.


Trick or Treat! 

In this clip some kids coming to Trick or Treat! As you can see the nothing gets by this camera with its night vision abilities.


Friendly Spider 

Overall you can see there is not much that goes undetected with the doorbell camera. Everything from kids coming home, to the delivery man dropping off a package, to a friendly spider swinging by.