what to do if your house was robbed

If you’ve just gotten home from work to realize your house was robbed, taking these steps could help determine if the police catch the criminal or find your belongings.

The Devastation of Someone Breaking and Entering

Even worse than losing monetary valuables can be losing your sense of safety and security – a basic human need. In the next few months you’ll have to take some steps to prevent this from happening again in addition to regaining a sense of control over your home. The invasion of privacy coupled with an element of surprise, people often experience anxiety following a burglary.

Steps to Take After Your House was Robbed

Unfortunately, once your home has been robbed, it is much more likely to be a target again. The burglar knows what is in it, how to get in, and when you’re not home. Taking these steps will help prevent your home from getting robbed again.

1) Call 911!

If you notice your house was robbed before you even enter your home, call 911 immediately and do NOT enter your home. You never know if the burglar is still inside. Additionally, if you go inside, you could damage evidence the thief left behind.

If you’ve already entered your home during or after a burglary, do not touch anything and get out of the house immediately. Unless you personally saw the thieves leave the house, they may still be inside. Wait inside your locked car or in a neighbor’s home until police arrive.

2) File a Police Report with Your Insurance

Hopefully, you have documented your belongings with your home insurance. You will need a police report to file to your insurance company to receive monetary compensation for the belongings you lost due to the burglary. In most cases, you’ll need to file this document within 24 hours of the incident.

3) Remove Anything that Could Help Them Break In Again

Stools, benches, chairs, and other home decor could help the burglar access a window you didn’t think they could reach. You’ll want to make sure your home is as hard as possible to get into. If you have tools laying around, put those up so that the burglar doesn’t have any advantage against your home.

5 STEPS TO TAKE (1)-min

4) Talk to Your Neighbors

They may have seen something that could lead the police to a suspect. And even if they didn’t, building a relationship with them could be beneficial in the future. If you and your neighbors stick together, you’ll help prevent burglaries in the future. Getting familiar with your neighbors means they’ll get to know who is supposed to be at your home and who isn’t. Authorities could be alerted quicker if they know you and your family.

5) Install a Home Security

A home without a home security system is 3 times more likely to be robbed than one with a home security system. Your home security system should be monitored by a monitoring center so that immediate action can be taken if unusual activity is detected.

Vivint Home Security gives you peace of mind by giving you access to your cameras right on your smartphone. The Vivint in-house monitoring center has an average response time of 10 seconds, one of the lowest in the industry. Timeliness is important in protecting your home from burglaries as well as emergencies like fires or floods. The longer it takes to respond, the more damage can be caused to your home.

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