Smart Homes are on the Rise in America.

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So you ask yourself, am I the alone in my quest of home automation by looking into upgrading my house into a smart home? The answer to that question is no. According to new research from Berg Insight the number of smart homes in America is on the rise.

North America has seen an increase of 56 percent year-on-year growth in the smart home market. With an install base of 12.7 million smart homes in 2015. According to Berg Insight there is no signs of this trend slowing down. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 46.2 million smart homes in America. Accounting for 35 percent of the house holds in America. 

With the emergence of other companies such as Vivint, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Apple smart home technologies are becoming more mainstream and in the public eye. This makes it a great time for new customers to jump into the marker when it comes down to smart home technologies.

Some of the most successful products in the smart home markets includes security systems, light bulbs, smart thermostats and network camera. Services like Vivint offer total home automation by blending together a variety of platforms together to give the user a streamlined experience. Everything from answering the door with your pre existing smartphone to controlling and monetizing your thermostat. So the next time you ask yourself is this the right time to get into home automation, just remember this is the time to jump in. With Vivint you’ll never be left in the dark.