Home Automation Systems are Growing in Popularity

When we think of the future of home automation, we think of systems that are similar to Tom Cruise’s motion controlled virtual screen in the movie Minority Report. More and more systems are becoming voice or smartphone-controlled.

Automation helps the homeowner become more efficient with his time and, in many cases, will reduce his electricity bill. It’s not hard to see why people are getting excited about the endless possibilities that home automation systems could provide.

home automation systems

According to the 2015 State of the Smart Home Report, most homeowners get into home automation when they purchase a modern home security system, like Vivint Smart Security and Automation. Customers have the option to upgrade home systems like their thermostat or add a camera to their doorbell for increased security. Home security was by far the most important factor in consumers that purchased home automation systems and all believed that the lack of home security system of some sort was not acceptable.

The technology behind home automation is becoming easier to use and more intuitive as new products develop. More intuitive technology means more homeowners can see its benefits and feel comfortable operating systems like this in their homes.

The report also states that consumers are eager to possess smart technology that includes prediction abilities or the ability to automatically change its settings based on your location or external changes. The less a consumer has to think about their smart technology, the happier they’ll be.

With companies like Apple and Google jumping into the home automation game, it is clear that we are just in the beginning stages of this industry and there is more growth in the future.

Luckily, Vivint is far from being the last player to enter the game. Vivint started pursuing intelligent home security and home automation systems long before some more well-known brands. Vivint actually created the very first self-contained wireless home security system.

If you’re looking for a home security system that has stood the test of time AND technology, Vivint is your best choice.