IFTTT Recipes for Your Smart Home

IFTTT Recipes for Smart Homes with Vivint

Vivint is now able to connect with the Amazon Echo which makes IFTTT (IF This Then That) functionality possible. Imagine the lights turning on automatically when you unlock your doors and come home from work. IFTTT allows you to set up a series of events to occur once the first event is triggered.

For example, if you want to make sure your lights are off when you leave the house, you can set a rule up like: “When I arm the security system, turn off all the lights.”

You can ask Alexa to do a lot of things to help automate things in your home. Your lights, thermostat, and security system can be controlled through Alexa.

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Smart Home IFTTT Recipes You’ll Love

  • Ask Alexa to adjust your thermostat
  • Ask Alexa to turn lights on or off
  • Ask Alexa to arm or disarm your Vivint Smart Home
  • Ask Alexa to lock your doors
  • Ask Alexa to close your garage door

Additional IFTTT Recipes for Amazon’s Alexa

You can browse a whole list of recipes on the IFTTT website, but here are a few that really stood out.

  • Ask Alexa to add things to your iOS To-Do List
  • Ask Alexa to call your phone to find it
  • Ask Alexa to start the Rachio Irrigation System

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