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How to Choose the Right Home Security for Your Family

Chances are, if you’re looking into getting home security for your home, you’ve recently experienced a scary situation. If your home was recently burglarized, you’re probably looking for home security to prevent this situation from happening again. A modern home security system is your best bet to prevent a burglar from targeting your home. Burglars tend to target homes without home security systems first.

A good home security system will protect your family and home for years to come. In the last decade, the home security industry has made leaps and bounds with the equipment that’s now available to homeowners. Modern systems allow you to do things like answer your door from anywhere in the world or watch the kids come home from school right on your smartphone. These advances not only make your home safer, but also give you greater peace of mind because you can see for yourself that your home is safe and sound.

know what your needs are when you choose home security

1) Understand What Kind of Protection You Need

Each family will have different needs depending on activity level, neighborhood, children’s ages, and more. If your parents live with you, that is something you should consider when purchasing a home security system.

  • Do your parents live with you? You may be interested in a panic pendant option so the monitoring center can be alerted to medical emergencies if your parents are not near a telephone or you cannot be reached.
  • Do you have children? Consider opting in for a smart door lock system so that your doors are never accidentally left unlocked.
  • Do you travel? A smart doorbell camera can let you see activity and answer your front door from anywhere in the world.

These questions are just some of the things you need to consider before purchasing home security. Every family is unique and needs a system suited for their needs. Look at all the variables in your home and make sure all your bases are covered.

how do you want to be able to control your home security

2) Decide What Kind of Monitoring You Need

If you have a smartphone, you now have the option to monitor your home yourself. You can receive alerts of activity and watch a live video stream of your home right on your phone. This concept is great, but it comes with some limitations.

Life can get in the way. You may not always be around your phone or be able to call emergency services if there is criminal activity in your home. You may be traveling where you don’t have cell service or your smartphone may run out of battery and leave your home without supervision. Additionally, if you are the only one monitoring your home, that leaves a lot of responsibility on you 24/7. Instead, consider opting for a company that will monitor your home for you.

Many companies offer 24/7/365 monitoring so that your home is always protected. They know who to contact and what signs indicate a possible emergency. The best part is that it takes a load off of your shoulders since you know someone will make the right call if there is unusual activity.

do you need a wireless security system?

3) Is the Home Security System Wireless?

It’s 2015. There is no reason that a home security system shouldn’t be wireless. Wires make your home vulnerable to anyone with a pair of scissors. A wireless home security system is the new standard in home security technology, so avoid any options that require a landline to function.

Your wireless home security system should use a cellular connection, not a radio frequency, to monitor your home and connect to the monitoring center. A wireless system allows you to connect up to 30 monitoring devices (most homes only need 5-8 devices) with minimal installation time. Your walls won’t need to be torn apart to install your sensors and alarm system.

what is the response time of the home security company?

4) What is the Response Time?

If a sensor detects unusual activity and signals to the alarm monitoring center that there’s an emergency, the monitoring center should have a quick response time. The quicker the response time, the less damage your home will endure. Average response times can vary from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.

Vivint strives to be a leader in the industry at 8-10 second response times on average. Vivint is able to maintain such a quick response time since the monitoring center is part of the Vivint company. They do not outsource this crucial part of home security to third parties like many other home security companies do.

does the home security company offer home automation options?

5) Is Home Automation an Option?

Home automation is the process of connecting your appliances to an app on your smartphone. For example, home automation devices can connect your coffee maker to an app on your smartphone so you can turn it on or off from anywhere. Connecting your home’s appliances should be an option you look for in home security. These devices can help prevent fires by ensuring heating appliances are turned off when you’re not home or help prevent burglaries by turning lights on to make it seem like someone is home.

Additionally, home automation devices like smart door locks will send you alerts when your door is left unlocked and then you can remotely lock them from your smartphone. Since over 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked exterior door, this is an important feature you should consider if you have a busy household.

Why Vivint is Your Best Choice

Vivint home security and automation offers wireless home security and automation solutions. A lifetime equipment warranty, service by a 24/7/365 award-winning monitoring center, and remote access are all included in each of the three packages we offer. You’ll never pay extra for these important components of home security.

With an average response time of 10 seconds, Vivint has one of the fastest response times in the industry. This is due to housing the monitoring center in-house instead of using a third party to monitor your home. Vivint home security is completely wireless and uses a cellular connection to communicate between devices and the monitoring center. With a Vivint system, you’ll be able to receive alerts, watch security footage, and lock your doors from the Vivint Smartphone App.

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