Apple Enters the Home Automation Industry

Apple Enters the Home Automation Industry

Apple enters the home automation industry with this concept for a touch ID sensitive remote that will authorize users to control different functions. It will also have the ability to restrict certain permissions depending on the current user of the remote.

Apple’s patent application in July has catapulted rumors about their participation in the development of future home automation technology. The utility for a touch ID sensitive remote control seems limitless according to experts*.

Families could potentially use this technology to protect their homes with touch ID security systems. Additionally, families could prevent their children from mishandling home automation services in their home.

Potentially, household medical appliances could be protected from unauthorized use by visitors or children.

Touch ID makes controlling access much easier than the typical username and password credential system we are all used to. It saves time and prevents the usual scenario where the authorized user forgets their password. Touch ID also makes it more difficult to access an account since passwords cannot be guessed.

About Apple’s Patent Application

Unfortunately, Apple’s patent application is very broad and does not give us many details about their intentions with this concept. The patent application also does not guarantee that a patent with the exact terms will result.

Rumors predict that it will be conjoined with Apple TV. Ultimately, the remote would be able to restrict access to certain networks depending on the user. A touch ID remote control would allow viewers to experience a customized interface where they be able to navigate directly to their favorite TV networks and would facilitate pay-per-view services.

Apple’s patent doesn’t limit itself to Apply TV. With their HomeKit and Car Play, Apple is well on their way into the home automation market and the touch ID functionality could prove useful in those services as well.

Only time will determine the depth of this concept within their products. So far, Vivint’s home automation system, where control over your home’s security and functions is at the touch of finger on a smartphone, is proving hard to beat.

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