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7 Ways to Control Your Smart Home on Your Apple Watch

Smart home technology is constantly developing new strategies to satisfy consumer’s needs and wants. Vivint security systems allows you to protect their home with industry-leading technology while incorporating convenient upgrades that make your life easier.

Vivint’s Apple Watch app now allows you to control your home’s security and automation with a tap on your wrist.

1. Lock Your Doors

Use your Apple Watch to lock your doors. Put your phone in your pocket then lock your doors right on your wrist watch. The days of juggling your phone, keys, and bag are finally gone! In case someone forgot something inside, unlock the door from your car and they can quickly run inside without having to turn the car off to take the key.

Have a maid coming by to clean the house today? Set yourself a reminder and then unlock the door for her when the time comes – even if you’re at work. Never give away another precious house key to a stranger, company, or contractor again.

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2. Turn Your Lights On

On this app, you can turn off your home’s lights at the flip of a switch on your wrist. If your Vivint System contains the Small Appliance & Lighting Module and you’ve connected it to your lights, forget ever having to get up from the couch to turn the lights on or off.

3. Watch Your Kids Come Home

Through the Vivint Apple Watch app, schedule your cameras to record at regular intervals or set them to only record when motion is sensed. Motion activated cameras will turn on and record activity such as when your kids come home from school – and who they decided to bring home with them. Now, even when your away on business or out running errands you’ll know your kids got home safely  and settled down to do their homework.

4. See Who’s at Your Doorstep

doorbellThe Vivint doorbell camera is a revolutionary doorbell and video camera combination that can stream live video to your smartphone or Apple Watch. The camera automatically turns on and begins recording when it senses activity. You’ll know if a delivery man has been by or if your neighbor left you a note on your porch.

When the doorbell camera is combined with the Vivint Smart Door Lock, you can use the Apple Watch Vivint app to unlock the door and let your trusted neighbor in your home even if you’re not there.

5. Turn On Your Coffee Maker

Let’s face it. Most of us need a strong cup of coffee in the morning to successfully launch us into the day’s tasks. Imagine being able to turn your coffee maker on from your bedside table and have the freshly brewed coffee when you make it downstairs to the kitchen.

Control your smart thermostat and security system from your Vivint apple watch app

6. Control Your Smart Thermostat

The Vivint Apple Watch app gives you access to control your Smart Thermostat right on your wrist. Update your home’s temperature schedule or turn the AC off without getting out of bed. This allows your home to be at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

7. Arm and Disarm Your Security System

Your Vivint security system can be set to Disarm, Arm Stay, and Arm Away. Disarm will deactivate all your motion sensors and doors and windows can be opened without setting off the alarm. Arm Stay will just deactivate the motion sensors, but your doors and windows will sound the alarm if opened. Changing the status of your Vivint security system is easy thanks to the Apple Watch. You don’t even have to reach for your phone to change the settings.

Vivint Apple Watch App

You can now use smart home technology to control functions such as lighting, door locks, turning coffee makers on or off, and music and the Apple Watch makes it that much easier. Security and convenience doesn’t get much easier than that!