Watch Out for Red Flags with Black Friday Sales for Home Security

watch out for black friday sales for home securityBefore you decide on a home security service, watch for these red flags with Black Friday sales for home security. Don’t compromise your family’s safety for a short-term discount.

1) Big Discounts Could Leave Your Home Very Vulnerable

The prices the home security company might be offering will be irresistible, but there is no doubt that there will be some important details left out. With home security, it’s never worth it to compromise safety for discounts. You’ll want to ask the provider the following questions before you make the purchase.

  • Will this include free installation?
  • Will it be a wireless security system?
  • Will this include remote access from online or my cell phone?

If the company answers no to any of these, you might be making the wrong choice. These are all key components of a modern home security system.

2) Have You Heard of the Company?

There are many small scale home security companies around. Most of them outsource their monitoring centers to third parties which could result in a slower response time or less than great customer service. Vivint is the second largest home security company in the country and hosts its monitoring in-house to ensure consistent service every time a customer needs help. Don’t settle for a company that avoids making that kind of commitment to you.

3) Will There be an Equipment Warranty  Included?

When you’re putting your and your family’s safety in the hands of a company, you want to be sure the company is committed to you. Providing an equipment warranty should be a given. Technology can have its glitches so make sure your home security company has your back and is willing to help maintain your system should, something fail.

Vivint has a lifetime equipment warranty* on all of its equipment. If a product is found to be defective or damaged with normal usage, Vivint will come out and replace the device free of charge. This ensures no customer is left unsatisfied or vulnerable to burglars, fires, or any other emergency.

Vivint’s Black Friday Sale

Vivint’s security system allows you to watch over your home when you’re away, answer your door from anywhere, and have your home monitored by an award-winning monitoring center 24/7/365. Contact us to discover the options that are available for your home. Call us at 1-844-383-8543!