25 Must-Use Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Criminals are prepping for the best time of the year for their pockets right now. How are you preparing your home, memories, and family from criminals this holiday season? Follow our home security tips for the holidays before you pack up and travel this winter.

the best home security tips for the holidays

  1. Lock your doors.
  2. Ask your neighbor to bring in your mail if you’re away.
  3. And don’t forget the newspaper.
  4. Have your “stay-at-home” neighbor bring in your packages, too.
  5. Make sure your neighbor has accurate contact information to call you if anything suspicious occurs.
  6. Let them know if you are expecting any pet sitters or house sitters.
  7. Don’t share where you are on Facebook or Twitter.
  8. Don’t share how long you’ll be away either.
  9. Upgrade your door lock to a heavy-duty strike plate.
  10. Install that with 3-inch screws.
  11. Set timers or smart light bulbs so lights can turn on while you’re away.
  12. Block visibility from the street with blinds or curtains.
  13. Don’t leave valuables out in plain site in your house or car.
  14. Check your locks to make sure they are functioning how you think they are.
  15. Don’t leave a spare key outside.
  16. Don’t compromise your window’s ability to latch for decorations.
  17. Watch out for people who solicit donations door-to-door. Check IDs.
  18. Test your fire alarms.
  19. Install a monitored fire alarm so emergency personnel can be called even when you’re gone.
  20. Avoid sharing all your valuable gifts on social media.
  21. Take boxes apart and put them in the trash, don’t leave them outside so passersby can see what you have.
  22. Before you leave, check all windows and doors to make sure they’re locked.
  23. Watch out for scams online and know the site you’re buying from.
  24. Make sure your safe is hidden somewhere unusual, not a closet.
  25. Install a monitored security and alarm system that includes door sensors, fire alarms, video cameras, smart door locks, and more for the best protection against all emergencies.

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