Dont ignore these burglary statistics

Burglary Statistics Show There’s a Good Reason You Should Invest in Home Security

Ignorance is bliss. Thinking “that won’t happen to me” makes life simpler and easier, but your ignorance is probably putting yourself, your family, and your home at unnecessary risk for burglary and other home invasions. Home burglary statistics shouldn’t be ignored.

burglary statistics

5 Property Crime Statistics You Should Know About

  1. 74.0% of burglaries are residential and most burglars get out with an average of $2,322 – not to mention your sense of privacy and security.
  2. Larceny-theft (non-violent crime) accounts for almost 70% of all property crimes.
  3. Recent statistics show that property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $16.6 billion.
  4. One burglary occurs every 16.4 seconds.
  5. One larceny-theft every 5 seconds.

Everyone thinks this kind of crime won’t happen to them, but the reality is everyone is vulnerable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent and protect yourself from burglary. Security alarms decrease your chance of burglary. A Rutgers study found that “[the group] the alarms with the decrease in burglaries and the city’s overall crime rate.”

Vivint Security System

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The more complicated a security system seems, the less likely a burglar is to choose your home to break into. Vivint’s integrated design makes it minimally visible to the eye while maintaining the utmost sensitivity and the highest protection a system can be.

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All statistics provided by the FBI.